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P2-7 Admissions

Parkgate Primary School Admissions

P2-7 Admissions

A child will be considered for placement provided the school enrolment number will not be exceeded. The below criteria will apply.

Being a small school we will make every effort to ensure that your child/children settle seamlessly into the school through close monitoring, encouragement and Principal consultation with parents.


Children who, at the date of their
application, have a child of the family

currently enrolled at the school.


Children who, at the date of their

application, are the eldest child of the
family to be eligible to apply for

admission to the school.


Children who live closest to the school

measured from their home address by
land transport on

to 79 Grange Road BT39 0DH.


Children will be admitted in order of

chronological age, beginning with the eldest.

P2-7 Admission Form

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