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Welcome to P1/2


In P1/2 our teachers are Mrs Magowan and Mrs Dunn. Mrs Magowan teaches Monday-Wednesday, and Mrs Dunn is our teacher on Thursday and Friday. The full-time classroom assistant is Mrs Bell.

"Play is the highest form of research" - Albert Einstein

In P1/2 children have free flow access to indoor and outdoor provision for play based learning. We have stimulating role-play, small and large scale construction, creative play and other areas to enable learning through play. Planned play experiences are led by the children's interests and our current TWAU topic.


In Literacy, Phonics is taught through songs, videos and puppets to teach sounds, as well as sand trays, play dough and paint for letter formation. This strong phonics teaching provides the basis for children's reading. Primary 1 pupils are introduced to Phonological Awareness Skills, Jolly Phonics sounds, early writing and talking and listening activities. Primary 2 pupils revise the Jolly Phonics sounds learned in P1, learn digraphs and practice blending these sounds to spell and read words. Children become more independent readers throughout the Foundation Stage. Writing skills are developed by using simple dictation which focuses on high frequency and tricky words and simple writing activity linked to our TWAU topics.

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In Primary 1 and 2 Numeracy is taught through active learning activities to provide practical experiences of mathematical concepts. In P1, children begin by sorting and matching objects. They learn numbers 1-10 by counting, singing songs, making numbers in playdough, sand or paint, reading stories about numbers and other practical activities. Children also learn Measures, Shape and Space and Data Handling. In P2, the Numeracy skills taught include addition and subtraction within 10, Measures, Shape and Space and Data Handling. Children explore these concepts practically with objects, Numicon and cubes to provide a strong foundation for their maths. Children's learning is supported with ICT activities on Heinemann Active Maths.

The World Around Us topics in P1/2 are relevant to the children's interests and experiences. Our topics this year include Marvellous Me, Toys and Teddy Bears, Light and Dark, Houses and Homes and Under the Sea. We learn about each of the seasons throughout the year. The pupils' creative, social and emotional needs are developed through a range of Art, Music, P.D.M.U (Personal Development and Mutual Understanding) and P.E lessons.

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