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School Vision

Our vision is to create an environment which is child centred and where pupils feel secure, valued, listened to and heard. We aim to educate and inspire every child to reach their full potential and offer them a wide range of enriched opportunities for their personal development and wellbeing. We wish to enable all our children to confidently transfer to post primary school and to be positive contributors to society.


We envisage achieving our vision by:

  • Providing high quality, differentiated teaching encompassing a broad and balanced curriculum

  • Facilitating our pupils to become active and reflective participants in the learning process

  • Infusing Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities throughout Activity Based Learning

  • Encouraging children to celebrate success for themselves and others

  • Fostering awareness of the importance of a healthy mind and body

  • Promote mutual respect between pupils, staff, parents, outside agencies and the wider community

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